Chodziez Made in Poland – 21 pieces Coffee set – SOLD

Here is a beautiful coffee set from Chodziez, Made in Poland in  red and green floral pattern. This set comes with 6 cups with a unique scalloped shape, 6saucers, 6 BIG side plates, 1 sugar bowl with lid, 1 milk jug and 1 coffee pot . All pieces are in good condition, free from chips or cracks and the gold edging still intact. The price is 370 + RM120 postage.


3 Comments to “Chodziez Made in Poland – 21 pieces Coffee set – SOLD”

  1. slm…t nak booked set nie…still available ke da sold….bg t jawapan yer…0192189282………

  2. salam,

    is this set sold already? what does reserved means? anyway,if you have a set like this or something similar to this, please inform me.

  3. Hi, I have a black and gold coffee set by Chodziez going on to ebay this weekend. It’s a vintage set from around the 1950’s I think. I’ve had it for 32 years and it’s pristine apart from one tiny chip in the cream jug. My name on ebay is elzwood

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