About KedaiUK

The idea of this little kedai project started from a chit-chat between two friends from M’sia who are currently stay in Edinburgh, UK and hoping to start this small project anytime from now.

Anyway KedaiUK is now available to everyone in Malaysia who is interested to buy any good quality products from UK. The product range may include the following:

  • Diningware/Tableware
  • Childrenswear/Nursery
  • Womenwear and accessories

It’s easy, you don’t have to be here (UK) to shop the UK products. We will bring them to you instead. It’s just a click away to get what you want!

We assure that products sold here are in good condition. We do not buy/sell fake products. Don’t fret, we’re always shop good quality product for ourselves. So, enjoy shopping here without doubt!

We welcome any good comments, ideas and suggestions here.

Happy shopping everyone!


Ariffah & Gie 🙂


17 Comments to “About KedaiUK”

  1. da pomote da kpah…;)

    saya siap p sent private emel kt org2 yg ske tie rack..hehehe..

    upload la baju2…

  2. wah! bagusnya, dah start biz sendiri. all d best !

  3. cipun..dining set brand corelle dh xde ke??

  4. kalau design cntik n harga affordable aku mmg nak hehe

  5. Hi I just love the pretty vintage bone china tea cups. since I cannot afford the $$ and space to buy all the sets was wondering if u r able to get individual teacup sets with side plates too will be excellent. Do let me know. Thanks

    • Hi, thank you for visiting KedaiUK. we’ll put in consideration about the individual set of bone china. actually you can subscribe to KedaiUK by clicking ‘sign me up’ button below Recent Posts, then you will receive notification of every new update from us via email.

  6. The Royal Albert that you promote is a very beautiful set, colourful orange flower roses . LENORA memang jarang nampak set ini. I hope Gie & Ariffah keep up the good work. Kalau boleh cari Tureen Soup & Veg dishes with lid from Royal Albert, R Doulton & Wedgwood yg discountinued sets would be good also.


  7. Salam Ariffah & Gee, Please reserved for me the Wedgwood-Tureen-Conway. Will make the necessary payment ASAP.

  8. Salam Gie, pls reply my email. TK

  9. salam shamila..congratulations ya. way to go.

  10. Salam kenal! I love your collections. But I’m more interested in the Royal Albert Roses collection dinnerset. Please inform me whenever you have new ones in again ya. Do you ship internationally? I’m in Palembang South Sumatera Indonesia. Hope for your reply. Thx wass.

  11. Are you still in business. I am looking for a specific Royal Standard tea set.

  12. Hi, i was wondering where you source the old sets. I have 3 sets of cup, saucers, plates, etc. They are good condition but ive never found a place to sell them at a price which reflects their real value. One set was worth online over 100gbp.
    If you are interested, i will root them out and end photos and write detailed descriptions.
    i came across your site whilst looking for an image to use on an advert for a set of eternal beau by the johnson bros.
    Best wishes,

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