Delivery Cost

Cost of delivery for each product is charged based on the rate that determined by airmail or shipping service, based on the weight of package.

For airmail, we will be using Royal Mail standard service and DHL. All parcels will be registered. We highly recommend our customers to choose this service for item/package < 2kg.

For item/package above 2 kg,  customer may need to pay above RM300  for the postage alone. Parcel Force service will be used to deliver the package (Parcel Force is part of Royal Mail who responsible to deliver package with weight of 2kg and above).

If customers want the item/package to be delivered to their door within 5-7 days, plus to be able to track the delivery route of the parcel via online (DHL website), then we would highly recommend the DHL service. The cost would be higher than Royal Mail service.

For DHL service, package with 2-5kg  is charged above rm400. It’s up to customer to decide.

Delivery via ship is cheaper than airmail, but it will take longer to reach the destination. It will be possible the delivery will take up to 8 weeks or 2 months.


6 Comments to “Delivery Cost”

  1. anytg for my 1yr old son? ;))

  2. Nice stuff you have 🙂

  3. Hello !!! I am living in Ireland. Can I buy your products ?
    Kind Regards,

  4. Yes, thanks.

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